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Maleny Dance School

Maleny Performing Arts

Heartspace Performing Arts Centre offers everything a Triple Talent Dancer needs, providing a wide variety of dance genres taught professionally with heart. Whether it be dancing for fun or for the more serious dancer intent on participating in exams and eisteddfods, Heartspace has it all with highly qualified and experienced teachers including specialist guest industry professionals.

At Heartspace your child will experience the magic of expression through dance, not only falling in love with dance and the performing arts, but also fostering a love of learning. We offer a large range of classes (infants - adults) and are confident you find the right class for you or your child.

Our amazing teaching faculty are passionate about developing Heartspace’s values such as inspiration, motivation, passion, artistry, creativity, and technique (IMPACT) in a nurturing environment, in every student, in every class, so that every dancer feels supported and can blossom into a confident and compassionate person.

Heartspace is bringing the Coast to Maleny by collaborating with leading dance schools such as Performing Arts Factory and nationally respected Choreographers through classes, workshops and events.


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Karla Pizzica

Can I give a huge shout out to my friend Kirsty for following her heart and establishing Heartspace dance Studio and giving us adults a space to express ourselves. The last few years I’ve pulled myself out of an anxious and overwhelmed person to an empowered woman. There’s been so many things that have helped me but a huuuge part of that empowerment was going to the Mama’s dance class on Wednesday nights taught by the gorgeous Evie. I can’t wait even describe what this has done for my confidence and how I present myself to the world. I’ve found the part of me from my 20s that I lost, but now I’m wiser and stronger. Women who want to get embodied, come dancing with us on Wednedays (there’s classes on Tuesdays too taught by Kirsty!). It’s so much fun!

Belinda Griffiths

I started dance at the age of 4, it was all i ever knew I wanted to be. Could cry talking about my love and passion for dance! I studied dance, at dance world studios in Melbourne at the age of 17 my dream was to travel and dance around the world with other great dancers. When I decided to give it up it was like a walked away from a big chunk on my life and now I'm back at it thanks to Kirsty Sziron-Chalkley, Kester Chalkley and Evie Barnes, the beautiful teachers at Heartspace. Thank you guys for inspiring me all over again to do the one thing that I love so much the one thing that makes everything else melt away. I love that I can just have fun now no pressure of trying to be the best although inspired to do my best with no judgment just loads of love passion and inspiration. Feeling like a dancer again more and more each week, even though I’m a Mum of three now (who also dance At this beautiful space).

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